David Hobizal is a Motion Designer & Director at FirstMates

Motionographer: Featured Interview

Aesthetic Integration (AI) is the world leader in applying formal verification to financial markets, however, to fully grasp how revolutionary that is, there’s a lot to know about the current state of financial markets and the regulatory difficulties inherent in something so complex.

We were approached by AI to create an introductory film that would bring audiences up to speed on (1) the current state of the algorithms underlying the global financial infrastructure, (2) how they're important but problematic, (3) what Formal Verification is and therefore (4) how Imandra is so valuable as a tool to create safety, fairness, and stability in such a tumultuous system.

More info and process: motionographer.com/2015/06/01/how-a-husband-and-wife-team-took-a-startup-from-brand-to-product-launch/
Co-direction and Animation:
David Hobizal

Co-direction and Design:
Sissy Emmons Hobizal - sissyemmons.com

Music: Eddy Hobizal - eddyhobizal.com

VO: David Pulkingham